Schwalbe Big Apple 26” & 29er   ¥7,000 Home

Schwalbe Big Apple 26” & 29er   ¥7,000


The new design of the Big Apple looks modern, but at the same time it preserves the typical "retro" Balloonbike character. To add to this nostalgic style the balloon tires come in new shades of cream, brown and grey. With this the retrobikes unique look is complete. E-bikers can also have fun with The Big Apple as it carries the "E-bike ready" logo.

Also new is the lower profile of 1.5 millimetres. It makes the tire more durable and gives good off-road grip. The Schwalbe KevlarGuard puncture protection has been replaced by the light but just as safe RaceGuard puncture protection. The Lite Skin sidewall further reduces the weight, whilst the durable Endurance compound ensures long tire life.

Ten years ago, Schwalbe began the balloon bike trend with The Big Apple; this is why bikes are referred to simply as the Big Apple Bikes. Because of their large volume, the wider 60 millimeter tires can be ridden at a low pressure of two bars. With this "aircushion" the tire easily irons out bumps in the Road and cyclists can relax and roll smoothly over cobblestones.

Size: 26" X 2.35" or  29" x 2"