10 Aug 2017: RadMini


The RadMini is the first and only electric folding fat bike with heavy duty front and rear cargo racks and a powerful 750W, 48V power system. Equipped with comfortable but compact 4’’ wide and 20’’ tall tires, the RadMini can be conveniently folded in order to store and transport the bike more easily.

via Rad Power Bikes

28 Jul 2017: Avionics V1 \\\ A distinctive & massively powerful retro-styled e-bike

Avionics V1 \\\ A distinctive & massively powerful retro-styled e-bike

With everyone from legacy bike manufacturers to crowdfunded startups getting in on the electric bike action, It's getting harder and harder to stand out in the e-bike sector. However, as Avionics demonstrates with its forthcoming V1 model, there's still plenty of room in the market for unique electric bikes that don't compromise on power or style.

24 Jul 2017: Timeless beauty | Bianchi L’Eroica

Timeless beauty | Bianchi L’Eroica

Bianchi L'Eroica is a result of the partnership between Bianchi and the series of events leaded by the historic cyclosportive of Gaiole in Chianti (Siena, Italy). This model born from a project that involved Bianchi's technical office, product managers and representatives of L'Eroica Register.

Available for order here.

12 Jul 2017: Starting the day right..!

Starting the day right..!


10 Jul 2017: Hokkaido Cycle Touring Routes

Hokkaido Cycle Touring Routes

Hokkaido is Japan’s northern-most island and largest prefecture. Far, far away from the madding crowds of more southern climes, Hokkaido lives up to it’s frontier roots. Wild forests, long, wide open roads. Capes and offshore islands that feel like the end of the world. Almost half of the year, Hokkaido slips into a beautiful, deep winter slumber (with its own joys). During the summer months, from around the end of May till the beginning of November, the island becomes a mecca for cycle tourists wanting to get off the beaten track in Japan.